Treatment of Diabetic Ketoacidosis

M. Mcb Page, D. A. Pyke, P. J. Watkins, P. H. Sönksen, C. Lowy, T. E.T. West, R. H. Greenwood, K. G.M.M. Alberti, Leonard L. Madison, Thomas A. Schultz, John L. Verkleeren, Richard D. Blevins

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To the Editor: Dr. Madison (N Engl J Med 294:393, 1976) is critical of the method of treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis with low dose intravenous infusion of insulin described by ourselves and our colleagues1and others2 3and pleads for “caution.” Presumably, his anxiety is that the dose in this regimen may be too low and that patients will be put at risk by inadequate treatment. We suspect that the actual dose of insulin is of minor importance provided enough is given, and we believe that our use of 6 units per hour is sufficient and even allows a considerable. . .

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1183-1184
Number of pages2
JournalNew England Journal of Medicine
Issue number21
StatePublished - May 20 1976

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