Topology and reorganization of a human TFIID-promoter complex

T. Oelgeschlager, C. M. Chiang, R. G. Roeder

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TRANSCRIPTION factor TFIID is a multiprotein complex composed of a TATA- box-binding subunit, TBP, and several tightly associated factors (TAFs). Human TFIID-promoter interactions are restricted to the TATA-box region on most core promoters but extend over a large promoter region downstream of the TATA box and the transcription start site on the Ad2ML promoter. TFIID downstream interactions are thought to be functionally relevant because they can be induced by transcriptional activators which in some cases requires TFIIA, result in stabilization of the TFIID-promoter complex, and correlate with increased recruitment of the remaining general transcription factors. Here we examine the topological organization of human TFIID complexes bound to the Ad2ML promoter. Our data provide insight into the relative disposition of DNA and several TFIID subunits, as well as evidence for DNA wrapping by TFIID, and suggest a direct role of TFIIA in the stable positioning of promoter DNA relative to TAFs.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)735-738
Number of pages4
Issue number6593
StatePublished - Sep 5 1996

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