The v-to-y advancement flap for distal nasal reconstruction: Our experience with 39 patients

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Background and Objective: The V-to-Y advancement flap, also known as the island pedicle flap, is a single-stage repair option that can be used for defects on the distal nose. We report our experience using this flap for nasal defects following Mohs micrographic surgery, as well as describe optimal patient selection and flap design. Materials and Methods: A retrospective review was conducted of all patient charts and operative photographs of nasal V-to-Y advancement flaps performed over 6 years at the Universtiy of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Charts were reviewed for age, sex, tumour type and location, defect size, anticoagulation, immunosuppression, postoperative complications, revisions, and outcomes. Results: Thirty-nine patients with defects ranging from 0.7 to 1.7 cm in size (median of 1 cm) were included. Most defects involved the inferior, paramedian nose, and after accounting for 7 postrepair interventions on 6 (15%) patients, 38 (97%) patients were noted to have good to excellent cosmetic outcomes while 1 patient experienced a persistent trapdoor effect. Conclusion: The V-to-Y advancement flap is an excellent single-stage option that can reliably provide good to excellent cosmetic results when used to repair small-to medium-size sized defects on the distal half of the nose.

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