The production of mass populations of anucleate cytoplasms

W. E. Wright

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Until recently anucleate cytoplasms could only be obtained by microsurgery. The discovery of Carter (1967) that under certain circumstances cytochalasin B (CB) from the mold Helminthosporium dematiodium could cause the loss of the nucleus from the cell, has now been applied by the author to obtain anucleate cytoplasms in larger quantities. The technique which makes use of CB and centrifugation of cell suspensions is clearly described. The efficiency of the method depends largely on the CB concentration, time and force of the centrifugation and temperature, but any or all of these parameters can be manipulated to meet the requirements of a particular experiment. (Woerdeman - Amsterdam)

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Title of host publicationMETH.CELL BIOL.
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StatePublished - 1973

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