Small proline-rich protein 2a and 2d are regulated by the rbm38-p73 axis and associated with p73-dependent suppression of chronic inflammation

Xiangmudong Kong, Dan Wang, Wenqiang Sun, Mingyi Chen, Jinhui Chen, Jisen Shi, Jin Zhang, Xinbin Chen

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Small proline-rich protein 2A and 2D (SPRR2A and SPRR2D) provide barrier function in terminally differentiated stratified squamous epithelia through the epidermal differentiation complex. However, little is known how SPRR2A/2D expression is controlled and their role in chronic inflammation. Here, we showed that that SPRR2A/2D expression is controlled by a regulatory loop formed by RNA-binding protein RBM38 and tumor suppressor p73. Specifically, we found that SPRR2A/2D expression was induced by ectopic expression of RBM38 or p73 but suppressed by knockout of Rbm38 or p73. We also found that RBM38-mediated expression of SPRR2A/2D was p73-dependent and that induction of SPRR2A/2D during keratinocyte differentiation was dependent on both p73 and Rbm38. Additionally, we found that SPRR2A/2D expression was closely associated with p73 expression in normal and cancerous tissues. To determine the biological function of the RBM38-p73 loop potentially via SPRR2A/2D, we generated a cohort of wild-type, Rbm38−/−, Trp73+/−, and Rbm38−/−;Trp73+/− mice. We found that Rbm38−/−;Trp73+/− mice had a much shorter lifespan than that for Rbm38−/− —and to a lesser extent for Trp73+/− mice—but were less prone to spontaneous tumors than Trp73+/− or Rbm38−/− mice. We also found that Rbm38−/−;Trp73+/− mice exhibited weak expression of SPRR2A/2D in multiple tissues and were susceptible to systemic chronic inflammation, suggesting that decreased SPRR2A/2D expression is likely responsible for chronic inflammation in Rbm38−/−;Trp73+/− mice, leading to a shortened lifespan. Together, our data reveal that SPRR2A/2D are novel targets of the RBM38-p73 loop and contribute to p73-dependent suppression of chronic inflammation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number2829
Issue number11
StatePublished - Jun 1 2021


  • Inflammation
  • P73
  • Tumor suppression

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