Semi-automated intra-operative fluoroscopy guidance for osteotomy and external-fixator.

Hong Lin, Mikhail L. Samchukov, John G. Birch, Alexander Cherkashin

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This paper outlines a semi-automated intra-operative fluoroscopy guidance and monitoring approach for osteotomy and external-fixator application in orthopedic surgery. Intra-operative Guidance module is one component of the "LegPerfect Suite" developed for assisting the surgical correction of lower extremity angular deformity. The Intra-operative Guidance module utilizes information from the preoperative surgical planning module as a guideline to overlay (register) its bone outline semi-automatically with the bone edge from the real-time fluoroscopic C-Arm X-Ray image in the operating room. In the registration process, scaling factor is obtained automatically through matching a fiducial template in the fluoroscopic image and a marker in the module. A triangle metal plate, placed on the operating table is used as fiducial template. The area of template image within the viewing area of the fluoroscopy machine is obtained by the image processing techniques such as edge detection and Hough transformation to extract the template from other objects in the fluoroscopy image. The area of fiducial template from fluoroscopic image is then compared with the area of the marker from the planning so as to obtain the scaling factor. After the scaling factor is obtained, the user can use simple operations by mouse to shift and rotate the preoperative planning to overlay the bone outline from planning with the bone edge from fluoroscopy image. In this way osteotomy levels and external fixator positioning on the limb can guided by the computerized preoperative plan.

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