Self-reported joint and back pain among Hispanic construction workers: A pilot workplace musculoskeletal assessment

Alberto J. Caban-Martinez, David J. Lee, Tainya C. Clarke, Evelyn P. Davila, John D. Clark, Manuel A. Ocasio, Lora E. Fleming

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Construction workers are frequently exposed to awkward work postures and physical demands that can lead to work-related musculoskeletal disorders. There has been limited development of assessment and outreach strategies targeting this highly mobile workforce in general and especially among Hispanic construction workers. We report the prevalence of joint pain from a convenience sample of Hispanic construction workers. A workplace musculoskeletal disorder assessment was undertaken coinciding with construction-site lunch truck visits among 54 workers employed at two large South Florida construction sites. A 45-item questionnaire preloaded onto handheld devices was utilized to record field data. Forty-seven percent of Hispanic workers reported joint pain 30 days prior to interview date, of whom 87% indicated these joint problems interfered with work activities. Over 63% reported experiencing low back pain that lasted at least a whole day during the past 3 months. Right and left knees were the most frequently reported painful joints (both 34%). Musculoskeletal disorders as evident by joint pain, appears to be prevalent among Hispanic construction workers. Workplace ergonomic prevention strategies that reduce musculoskeletal disorders using innovative recruitment and engagement methods (such as during lunch truck construction-site visits) may improve opportunities to reduce joint pain and damage.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)49-55
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of Musculoskeletal Research
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jun 2010


  • Epidemiology
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Occupation
  • Survey

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