Reservoir Placement Considerations During Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Surgery

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Purpose of Review: To discuss emerging alternative strategies for reservoir placement during inflatable penile prosthesis surgery. Recent Findings: Innovations in penile prosthesis design have facilitated the development of various alternative approaches for reservoir placement. Avoiding the space of Retzius is particularly appealing in patients with a history of pelvic surgery and/or radiation. The high submuscular technique utilizes a low-profile reservoir in combination with the implant’s lockout valve to allow for safe placement in the potential space between the anterior abdominal wall musculature and the transversalis fascia, far cephalad from the external inguinal ring and without the need for a counter-incision. Multiple recent publications have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the high submuscular technique. Summary: High submuscular inflatable penile prosthesis reservoir placement is a safe and effective alternative to placement within the space of Retzius.

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JournalCurrent Urology Reports
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StatePublished - Feb 1 2019
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