Peripartum Cardiomyopathy

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Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationProtocols for High-Risk Pregnancies
Subtitle of host publicationAn Evidence-Based Approach
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ISBN (Print)9781405196505
StatePublished - Jul 9 2010


  • Long-term prognosis, extent of residual heart muscle damage
  • Peripartum cardiomyopathy
  • Peripartum cardiomyopathy cause - not known
  • Peripartum cardiomyopathy, idiopathic, a diagnosis of exclusion
  • Peripartum cardiomyopathy, otherwise unexplained heart failure during pregnancy
  • Peripartum cardiomyopathy, representing idiopathic cardiomyopathy of young adults
  • Prognosis, if woman desires subsequent pregnancy
  • Spontaneous labor - following pulmonary edema and hypoxemia by heart failure
  • Standard treatment, for heart failure and close observation for complications
  • Treatment of heart failure - cornerstone of management and vigorous diuresis with drugs as furosemide

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