Pelvic ring fractures

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Despite advances in prehospital care, diagnostic modalities and methods of fracture stabilization, pelvic ring disruptions remain one of the more formidable clinical entities faced by the orthopedic surgeon. In the setting of polytrauma it is important that the presence of a pelvic ring disruptions not divert the surgeon's attention from potentially life threatening associated injuries. Conversely, it is essential that a pelvic disruption not be relegated to the bottom of the trauma priority list to be dealt with later... if the patient survives. In general, as the axiom states, "what is good for the fracture is good for the patient." In considering pelvic ring disruption what is good for the fracture might be lifesaving for the patient. Although adequate research is currently lacking it is hoped that improved techniques of both provisional stabilization and definitive fixation of these complex injuries will provide for decreased mortality, fewer associated complications and improved functional outcomes.

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