Patient with brachial plexopathy

Jonathan Chang, Rahul Rastogi

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A 25-year-old male football player complains of new right upper extremity numbness and weakness. Symptoms are such that he is unable to catch an American football; however he is able to loosely hold a can of soda. He states the symptoms started after a motorcycle accident 1 week ago and have got worse. The pain from the accident has improved, but the numbness and weakness are unchanged and a little worse. The patient rates his pain at a 3/10 with radiation down his arm from his shoulder to his fingers. Physical exam is remarkable for a well-developed male with prominent upper-bodymusculature. There is no noted edema, cyanosis, or clubbing of the upper extremity. There are equal strong bilateral radial pulses, 2+ biceps reflexes on the left, 5/5 strength of the left upper extremity, 1+ biceps reflex on the right, 3/5 shoulder abduction, 3/5 biceps flexion, 3/5wrist extension, and 4/5 strength to the intrinsic muscles of the hand. Tinel's sign is negative, bilaterally.

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Title of host publicationCase Studies in Pain Management
PublisherCambridge University Press
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2014

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