Most men with artificial urinary sphincter cuff erosion have low serum testosterone levels

Avery R. Wolfe, Nicolas M. Ortiz, Adam S. Baumgarten, Maia E. VanDyke, Mary L. West, Benjamin M. Dropkin, Gregory A. Joice, Sarah C. Sanders, Steven J. Hudak, Allen F. Morey

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Aims: To evaluate the relationship between serum testosterone (T) levels and artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) cuff erosion in a population of incontinent men who underwent AUS placement. Methods: A retrospective analysis of our single-surgeon AUS database was performed to identify men with T levels within 24 months of AUS placement. Men were stratified into two groups based on serum testosterone: low serum testosterone (LT) (<280 ng/dl) and normal serum testosterone (NT) (>280 ng/dl). Multivariable analysis was performed to control for risk factors. The outcome of interest was the incidence of and time to spontaneous urethral cuff erosion; other risk factors for cuff erosion were also evaluated. Results: Among 161 AUS patients with serum testosterone levels, 84 (52.2%) had LT (mean: 136.8 ng/dl, SD: 150.4 ng/dl) and 77 (47.8%) had NT (mean: 455.8 ng/dl, SD: 197.3 ng/dl). Cuff erosion was identified in 42 men (26.1%) at a median of 7.1 months postoperatively (interquartile range: 3.6–13.4 months), most of whom (30/42, 71.4%) were testosterone deficient. LT levels were less common (54/119, 45.4%) in the non-erosion cohort (p = 0.004). Men with low T were nearly three times as likely to suffer AUS erosion than men with normal T (odds ratio = 2.519, p = 0.021). LT level was the only factor associated with AUS erosion on multivariable analysis. Conclusions: LT is an independent risk factor for AUS cuff erosion. Men with LT are more likely to present with cuff erosion, but there is no difference in time to erosion.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1035-1041
Number of pages7
JournalNeurourology and urodynamics
Issue number4
StatePublished - Apr 2021


  • artificial urinary sphincter
  • hypogonadism
  • stress urinary incontinence
  • urethral erosion

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