Integrated omics study delineates the dynamics of lipid droplets in Rhodococcus opacus PD630

Yong Chen, Yunfeng Ding, Li Yang, Jinhai Yu, Guiming Liu, Xumin Wang, Shuyan Zhang, Dan Yu, Lai Song, Hangxiao Zhang, Congyan Zhang, Linhe Huo, Chaoxing Huo, Yang Wang, Yalan Du, Huina Zhang, Peng Zhang, Huimin Na, Shimeng Xu, Yaxin ZhuZhensheng Xie, Tong He, Yue Zhang, Guoliang Wang, Zhonghua Fan, Fuquan Yang, Honglei Liu, Xiaowo Wang, Xuegong Zhang, Michael Q. Zhang, Yanda Li, Alexander Steinbüchel, Fujimoto Toyoshi, Cichello Simon, Jun Yu, Pingsheng Liu

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Rhodococcus opacus strain PD630 (R. opacus PD630), is an oleaginous bacterium, and also is one of few prokaryotic organisms that contain lipid droplets (LDs). LD is an important organelle for lipid storage but also intercellular communication regarding energy metabolism, and yet is a poorly understood cellular organelle. To understand the dynamics of LD using a simple model organism, we conducted a series of comprehensive omics studies of R. opacus PD630 including complete genome, transcriptome and proteome analysis. The genome of R. opacus PD630 encodes 8947 genes that are significantly enriched in the lipid transport, synthesis and metabolic, indicating a super ability of carbon source biosynthesis and catabolism. The comparative transcriptome analysis from three culture conditions revealed the landscape of gene-altered expressions responsible for lipid accumulation. The LD proteomes further identified the proteins that mediate lipid synthesis, storage and other biological functions. Integrating these three omics uncovered 177 proteins that may be involved in lipid metabolism and LD dynamics. A LD structure-like protein LPD06283 was further verified to affect the LD morphology. Our omics studies provide not only a first integrated omics study of prokaryotic LD organelle, but also a systematic platform for facilitating further prokaryotic LD research and biofuel development.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1052-1064
Number of pages13
JournalNucleic acids research
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jan 1 2014
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