Induction of Monoclonal Antibody with Predefined ELNKWA Epitope Specificity by Epitope Vaccine

Yi Xiao, Xiao Nan Dong, Ying Hua Chen

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Since the hybridoma technique to produce monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) was discovered, thousands of MAbs with predefined protein specificity have been produced, and a natural or recombinant protein as antigen is necessary for inducing MAbs in the conventional hybridoma technique. To induce epitope-specific MAbs, we suggest an epitope vaccine as a new technique to induce MAbs with predefined epitope specificity. ELDKWA was identified as an important neutralizing epitope on HIV-1 gp41. The MAb 2F5, recognizing ELDKWA epitope, has shown broad neutralizing activity to many HIV strains, including primary isolates, but the mutant in ELNKWA epitope results in escape 2F5-based neutralization. To produce MAbs recognizing this mutated epitope for consideration of passive immunotherapy against the mutant bearing the ELNKWA epitope, MAbs with predefined ELNKWA epitope specificity were induced by synthetic epitope-peptide instead of a natural or recombinant gp41 bearing this eptope. Three MAbs were identified to recognize ELNKWA epitope on the synthetic epitope-peptide, and interestingly could bind the recombinant gp41 with ELDKWA epitope in an ELISA assay and immunoblotting analysis.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)347-350
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Issue number4
StatePublished - 2000

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