Incorporating the SCORE curriculum and web site into your residency

Jacob Moalem, Elango Edhayan, Debra A. Darosa, R. James Valentine, Randolph E. Szlabick, Mary E. Klingensmith, Richard H. Bell

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Since the launch of the SCORE web site, the project has enjoyed substantial growth in its content and its utilization. At present, SCORE contains roughly 350 modules (covering the patient care and medical knowledge competencies), with another 370 planned to be released over the next 18 months. These modules are enriched by content from leading textbooks in surgery (Table 1) and a very robust radiographic image gallery (STATdx®) and operative video library. Additionally, a bank of open-ended and multiple choice questions, the ACS Surgery Weekly Curriculum and Evidence Based Reviews in Surgery (EBRS) are included. Finally, 30 modules on systems-based practice are available for senior residents (MDContent). The SCORE curriculum is currently being used in over 200 residency programs, in a variety of ways. In some programs, the web site is available as an additional resource to residents. In others, it is the very backbone of the educational program. In some residencies, regular written examinations are given based on the content within the SCORE Curriculum, whereas in others, the content is used much more informally. It is our hope that as the content in SCORE continues to expand, educators continue to innovate, and find new ways to use the materials available through SCORE to stimulate the minds of young surgeons in training.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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JournalJournal of Surgical Education
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StatePublished - Jul 2011

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