Histocompatibility-2 system in wild mice - VIII. Frequencies of H-2 and Ia antigens in wild mice from Texas

W. R. Duncan, E. K. Wakeland, J. Klein

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Ninety-six wild mice trapped at 13 localities in the state of Texas were tested in the dye-exclusion cytotoxic test with a battery of 49 oligospecific H-2 antisera. The antisera detected 36 class I (K and D) and 10 class II (Ia) antigens. The phenotypic frequencies of private class I antigens ranged from 1 to 20%, the majority of them being in the range between 1 and 5%. At least some of the higher frequencies resulted from the presence of more than one antibody in the typing reagents, and from other factors complicating the typing. We estimate that the frequencies of most of the class I alleles among Texas wild mice are 1% or less. This estimate leads to the prediction that at least 200 alleles exist in Texas mice at the H-2K locus, and another 200 alleles exist at the H-2D locus. Frequencies of most of the class I public antigens were in excess of 20%. In the sample of 96 mice, 46 different phenotypic combinations of private class I antigens were found, and the frequency of blanks (mice unreactive with any of the antibodies to private class I antigens) was 27%. The frequencies of private class II antigens ranged from 5 to 15%. Some of the public class II antigens, in particular those controlled by the E region, occurred with frequencies of 80% or higher. The class II antigens were found in 26 phenotypic combinations. No striking linkage disequilibrium was found either between K and D antigens, or between class I and class II antigens. The polymorphism of the K, A, and D region appears to be higher than that of the corresponding regions of the human or rat major histocompatibility complex. The polymorphism of the E region is significantly lower than that of the A, K, and D regions. The polymorphism of the A region is extensive.

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StatePublished - Dec 1979

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