Ergotrid flap: A local flap for cutaneous defects of the upper lateral lip

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Background: Defects of the upper lateral lip can prove difficult for surgical repair, as even minute distortion of adjacent tissue may compromise aesthetic and functional results. Options for reconstruction include primary closure, healing by secondary intention, and local flap transfer. MethodS: In this article, the authors introduce and review their experience with the ergotrid flap for reconstruction of defects of the upper lateral lip. Twenty patients with the aforementioned defect underwent reconstruction with the ergotrid flap with adequate postoperative follow-up and photographs. Results: All 20 patients underwent successful reconstruction with ideal tissue match. There were no cases complicated by distortion of the nasal base or vermilion border. All patients reported satisfaction with their results and scar camouflage. CONCLUSION: The ergotrid flap serves as a viable option in defects of the lateral upper lip.

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JournalPlastic and reconstructive surgery
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StatePublished - Nov 1 2011

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