Dyadic Coping and Couple Resilience After Miscarriage

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Objective: The purpose of this phenomenological study was to explore the impact of miscarriage on the couple relationship, particularly lived experiences related to partners' perceptions of increased closeness and strength in the relationship. Background: Current miscarriage literature lacks a process-oriented understanding of how miscarriage influences partner interactions and how partner interactions influence resilience and coping after this loss. Method: This qualitative study used semistructured interviews to conduct a combination of dyadic and individual interviews with six couples, resulting in 18 interviews. Results: The couples described themes of both positive and negative impact on the relationship, the shared nature of the loss, dyadic coping strategies, and specific partner interactions that supported resilience. Conclusion: Experiencing miscarriage as a shared loss seemed to create important opportunities for healthy dyadic coping and interactional processes. Implications: Findings can guide medical and mental health professionals in providing more effective support to couples after miscarriage.

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JournalFamily Relations
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StatePublished - Feb 2021
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  • couples
  • dyadic coping
  • grief
  • miscarriage
  • quality of intimate partner relationship
  • resilience

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