CPR & Beyond. How will IPR therapy impact the way we treat patients in the future?

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Scientific advances are bringing new revelations to the management of critical conditions such as cardiac arrest and shock. Harnessing the mechanics of IPR and understanding their effect is resulting in improvements in cardiac resuscitation and therapy for hypotension in both hemorrhage and non-trauma shock states. Perfusion is improving. Our understanding of the relationship of IPR and cerebral perfusion is also expanding. Therapies that can improve forward flow and perfusion of vital organs are being utilized by BLS personnel. Noninvasive bridging tools that capture the benefit of IPR hold further potential to improve hemodynamics. In the years to come, these and other insights gained through careful research will allow medical providers the world over to find new opportunities to save thousands of lives that would otherwise have been lost.

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JournalJEMS : a journal of emergency medical services
StatePublished - Dec 1 2014

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