Census 2: Isobaric labeling data analysis

Sung Kyu Robin Park, Aaron Aslanian, Daniel B. Mcclatchy, Xuemei Han, Harshil Shah, Meha Singh, Navin Rauniyar, James J. Moresco, Antonio F.M. Pinto, Jolene K. Diedrich, Claire Delahunty, John R. Yates

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Motivation: We introduce Census 2, an update of a mass spectrometry data analysis tool for peptide/protein quantification. New features for analysis of isobaric labeling, such as Tandem Mass Tag (TMT) or Isobaric Tags for Relative and Absolute Quantification (iTRAQ), have been added in this version, including a reporter ion impurity correction, a reporter ion intensity threshold filter and an option for weighted normalization to correct mixing errors. TMT/iTRAQ analysis can be performed on experiments using HCD (High Energy Collision Dissociation) only, CID (Collision Induced Dissociation)/HCD (High Energy Collision Dissociation) dual scans or HCD triple-stage mass spectrometry data. To improve measurement accuracy, we implemented weighted normalization, multiple tandem spectral approach, impurity correction and dynamic intensity threshold features. Availability and implementation: Census 2 supports multiple input file formats including MS1/MS2, DTASelect, mzXML and pepXML. It requires JAVA version 6 or later to run. Free download of Census 2 for academic users is available at http://fields.scripps.edu/census/index.php.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)2208-2209
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Issue number15
StatePublished - Aug 1 2014
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