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    The flow cytometry multi-user core facility has both North and South Campus locations. The facility is equipped with two FACScans, three FACSCaliburs, a CyAn, and a LSR II for user operated data acquisition. Users are trained to run the benchtop analyzers and billing is calculated in half hour increments.
    FACScan - single laser instrument, 488nm, capable of three fluorescent colors
    FACSCalibur - dual laser instrument with lasers at 488nm and 635nm, capable of four fluorescent colors * CyAn - a three laser, nine color instrument, with lasers at 488nm, 405nm, and 635nm
    LSR II - a four laser, sixteen color instrument, with lasers at 488nm, 532nm, 405nm, and 635nm laser *
* The Calibur and LSRII on the north campus are both equipped with a HTS, high throughput system, to acquire sample directly from a 96 or 384 well plate.

    There are five cell sorters available for use in the facility, the MoFlo, and three Arias are operated by facility staff only. The AutoMacs is user operated.
    MoFlo - three laser, nine color, high speed sorter with lasers at 488nm, 633nm, and 360nm
    Aria - a five laser, eighteen color, high speed sorter with lasers at 488nm, 532nm, 405nm, 635nm
    AutoMacs – Automated benchtop magnetic cell sorter


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