Trends in perimortal conditions and mortality rates among HIV-infected patients

Dina Hooshyar, Debra L. Hanson, Mitchell Wolfe, Richard M. Selik, Susan E. Buskin, A. D. McNaghten

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OBJECTIVES: To describe trends in perimortal conditions (pathological conditions causing death or present at death but not necessarily the reported cause of death) during three periods related to the availability of HAART, pre-HAART (1992-1995), early HAART (1996-1999), and contemporary HAART (2000-2003); annual mortality rates; and antiretroviral therapy (ART) prevalence during 1992-2003. DESIGN: Multicenter observational clinical cohort in the United States (Adult/Adolescent Spectrum of HIV Disease [ASD] project). METHODS: Proportionate mortality for selected perimortal conditions, annual mortality rates, and ART prevalence were standardized by sex, race/ethnicity, age at death, HIV transmission category, and lowest CD4 cell count of ASD decedents. Multivariable generalized linear regression was used to estimate trends in proportionate mortality, as linear trends through all three HAART periods, mortality rates, and ART prevalence. RESULTS: Of 9225 deaths, 58.6% occurred during 1992-1995, 29.5% during 1996-1999, and 11.9% during 2000-2003. Linear trends in proportionate mortality for noninfectious diseases (e.g., liver disease, hypertension, and alcohol abuse) increased significantly; proportionate mortality for AIDS-defining infectious diseases (e.g., pneumocystosis, nontuberculous mycobacterial disease, and cytomegalovirus disease) decreased significantly. Mortality rates decreased from 487.5/1000 person-years in 1995 to 100.6 in 2002. Of 36 256 patients from ASD, 75.7% (standardized average) were prescribed ART annually. CONCLUSIONS: Among HIV-infected patients, the majority of whom were prescribed ART, the increasing trend in common noninfectious perimortal conditions support screening and treatment for these conditions in order to sustain the trend in declining mortality rates.

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StatePublished - Oct 2007


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