Topical salicylates

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Generic Name: methyl salicylate Chemical Name: methyl O-hydroxybenzoate Proprietary Formulations: Oil of wintergreen (98%), Icy Hot Extra Strength Cream (30%), Bayer Muscle Joint Pain Relief Cream (30%), Muscle Rub Extra Strength Cream (30%), Ben-Gay Extra Strength Cream (30%), Tiger Balm Liniment (28%), Ben-Gay Original Cream (18.3%), Pain Bust-R II Ointment (17%), Thera-Gesic Cream (15%), Banalg Hospital Strength Lotion (4.9%), asian herbal remedies (15-67%) Generic Name: trolamine salicylate Chemical Name: 2-(bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amino)ethanol; 2-hydroxybenzoic acid Proprietary Formulations: Aspercreme Cream (10%), Myoflex Cream (10%), Mobisyl Crème (10%), Sportscreme Pain Relieving Rub (10%) Generic Name: diethylamine salicylate Chemical Name: diethylazanium; 2-hydroxybenzoate Proprietary Formulations: Algesal (10%) Manufacturers: Pfizer, Chattem, Bayer, B F Ascher & Co., others Class: external analgesic Chemical Structure: methyl salicylate, see Figure 103.1; trolamine salicylate, see Figure 103.2 Mode of activity Salicylate can be applied to the skin as un-ionized salicylic acid (normally for its keratolytic activity), as a salicylate salt (most commonly trolamine salicylate), as esters such as methyl salicylate and, rarely, as aspirin. In the form most often used in topical products, salicylates work primarily as rubefacients. Rubefacients are compounds that work by counter-irritation, causing skin irritation, local vasodilatation, and a feeling of warmth when applied to the skin surrounding soft tissue injuries. With this surface stimulation, an analgesic effect is achieved by masking the perception of pain. This is in contrast to topical NSAIDs (such as topical diclofenac), which act by inhibiting cyclooxygenase enzymes responsible for development of inflammatory processes.

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