The scientific attitude

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Science is many things: a way of thinking and an activity of individuals in the laboratory; a highly structured institution that recruits, instructs, and regulates its members; a sensitive, interactive, and integrated segment of modern culture and society. Professor Frederick Grinnell presents in this valuable text and survey a clear and comprehensive introduction to all these aspects of science from the point of view of the scientist. Using many examples, drawn primarily from the biomedical sciences but also from everyday life, the author provides the ideal general Introduction to science studies. He goes beyond narrow considerations of methodology to consider broader questions of science as attitude, process, institution, and social force. The text is enhanced by the author's familiarity with several philosophical traditions and the light they throw on the scientific attitude. The text Is straightforward, free of jargon, and completely accessible to beginning students as well as to scientists and laypersons. Professional scholars will also profit from the book's unique blending of the various perspectives on science.

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StatePublished - Jul 9 2019

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