The peroxisomal membrane proteins of Candida boidinii: Gene isolation and expression

M. Moreno, R. Lark, K. L. Campbell, J. M. Goodman

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Candida boidinii is a methylotrophic yeast in which several growth substrates can cause vigorous peroxisomal proliferation. While such diverse substrates as methanol, oleic acid and D‐alanine induce different peroxisomal metabolic pathways, membranes seem to contain common abundant peroxisomal membrane proteins (PMPs). These proteins have been termed PMP31, PMP32 and PMP47. The gene encoding PMP47 has been previously cloned and analysed. We now report the isolation of a second PMP47 gene (or allele) as well as PMP31 and PMP32. PMP47A and PMP47B share 95% sequence identity at the amino acid level. PMP31 and PMP32 each contain 256 amino acids and are highly similar (97% identity) in protein sequence. Both PMP31 and PMP32 are predicted to span the membrane once or twice. All abundant PMPs of C. boidinii are basic in charge; they all have predicted isoelectric points above 10. RNAs corresponding to the PMP47s and to PMPs31‐32 are strongly induced by methanol, oleic acid and D‐alanine. While the PMP47s probably encode substrate carriers, the functions of PMP31 and PMP32 from C. boidinii are still unknown. The GenBank Accession Numbers for PMP47B, PMP31, and PMP32 are L27998, L27999 and L28000, respectively. The 5′ untranslated sequence of PMP47A, accession number J05672, has been corrected.

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Pages (from-to)1447-1457
Number of pages11
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 1994


  • Candida boidinii
  • membrane proteins
  • methylotrophic yeasts
  • peroxisomes

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