Studying Hedgehog Signaling During Mouse Neural Tube Development

Sandii Constable, Kevin White, Bandarigoda Nipunika Somatilaka, Saikat Mukhopadhyay

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The identity of ventral neural progenitors in the neural tube is largely dependent on Hedgehog (Hh) signaling. Variations in staining patterns are excellent indicators of aberrant Hh signaling. Here we describe the basic protocol to stain for progenitor populations based on transcription factor expression. We also provide an overview of ciliary and centrosomal staining in the neural tube.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationMethods in Molecular Biology
PublisherHumana Press Inc.
Number of pages13
StatePublished - 2022

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NameMethods in Molecular Biology
ISSN (Print)1064-3745
ISSN (Electronic)1940-6029


  • Centrosome
  • Cilia
  • Hedgehog
  • Immunostaining
  • Neural tube

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  • Molecular Biology
  • Genetics


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