Standing cystourethrogram: An outcome measure after anti-incontinence procedures and cystocele repair in women

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Objectives. To evaluate the standing voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG) with lateral views as an outcome measure to objectively document the correction of the urethral angle and cystocele in women who underwent various types of pelvic surgery. Methods. A control group of 76 continent patients was selected who had VCUGs performed for indications other than incontinence. Patients with preoperative and postoperative VCUGs after anterior vaginal wall suspension for urethral hypermobility and grade 1 or 2 cystocele (UH group) or repair of grade 3 cystocele (C group) were selected and compared with age-matched controls from the control group. Results. Among the control group, the mean ± SD urethral angle at rest was 12.5° ± 13.1° and the urethral angle at straining was 24.7° ± 15.6° (P <0.001). The urethral angle at rest increased significantly from women in their 20s to their 80s. In the UH group (n = 52), the preoperative mean urethral angle at rest and at straining was 25.7° ± 13.6° and 42.6° ± 15.9°, respectively, a difference of approximately 20°. The postoperative urethral angles at rest and at straining did not statistically differ from those of the age-matched controls. In the C group (n = 36), the postoperative urethral angle at rest did not statistically differ from that of the age-matched controls. The lateral height of the cystocele demonstrated significant improvement in the UH and C groups. Conclusions. The standing VCUG is a reproducible outcome measure to preoperatively and postoperatively document the urethral angle. Using age-matched controls, a more objective definition of urethral hypermobility was obtained. Changes in cystocele height were observed postoperatively with a return to comparable age-matched control values.

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