Saturated BLAST: An automated multiple intermediate sequence search used to detect distant homology

Weizhong Li, Frederic Pio, Krzysztof Pawłowski, Adam Godzik

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Motivation: Two proteins can have a similar 3-dimensional structure and biological function, but have sequences sufficiently different that traditional protein sequence comparison algorithms do not identify their relationship. The desire to identify such relations has led to the development of more sensitive sequence alignment strategies. One such strategy is the Intermediate Sequence Search (ISS), which connects two proteins through one or more intermediate sequences. In its brute-force implementation, ISS is a strategy that repetitively uses the results of the previous query as new search seeds, making it time-consuming and difficult to analyze. Results: Saturated BLAST is a package that performs ISS in an efficient and automated manner. It was developed using Perl and Perl/Tk and implemented on the LINUX operating system. Starting with a protein sequence, Saturated BLAST runs a BLAST search and identifies representative sequences for the next generation of searches. The procedure is run until convergence or until some predefined criteria are met. Saturated BLAST has a friendly graphic user interface, a built-in BLAST result parser, several multiple alignment tools, clustering algorithms and various filters for the elimination of false positives, thereby providing an easy way to edit, visualize, analyze, monitor and control the search. Besides detecting remote homologies, Saturated BLAST can be used to maintain protein family databases and to search for new genes in genomic databases.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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StatePublished - 2000
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