Safety of Rolled and Folded Cotton Blankets Warmed in 130 and 200°F Cabinets

Patricia A. Kelly, Elizabeth C. Morse, Joslin V. Swanfeldt, Amy N. Adams, Craig G. Crandall, Debby A. Rush, Mary L. Krogh, Susan K. Cooper

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Background: In 2014, ECRI recommended that blanket warming cabinets be set at a maximum temperature of 130°F because of safety concerns with warmed rolled and folded blankets. We could find no research to support this recommendation. Purpose: To measure skin temperatures and thermal comfort in healthy volunteers before and after application of folded and rolled dry cotton blankets warmed in 130°F or 200°F cabinets. Design: Randomized, descriptive, and comparative study. Methods: Participants (n = 20) received two blankets (one rolled and one folded) from warming cabinets set at 130°F or 200°F. Folded blankets were applied to the back and rolled to the neck. Skin temperatures and thermal comfort were obtained at fixed time intervals. Finding: Skin temperatures from blankets in the 200°F cabinet were greater than those in the 130°F cabinet. No skin temperatures reached temperature and/or duration thresholds for dermal injury. Conclusions: This study provides supportive evidence that warming cabinets may be set at a maximum of 200°F without compromising patient safety.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalJournal of Perianesthesia Nursing
StateAccepted/In press - 2016


  • Blanket warmer cabinet
  • Dermal injury
  • Skin temperatures
  • Thermal comfort
  • Warmed cotton blankets

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  • Medical–Surgical


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