Rules for Recruiting

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Although these recruiting rules were developed largely with academic institutions in mind, I suspect they apply equally well to the private sector. During the course of my career, I have broken each of these rules with predictable and regrettable results. However, like placing one's hand on a hot stove, experience can be a great teacher. Developing a formal rules list is my attempt to avoid repeat transgressions. I suppose some readers may wish to use the list as well, and to that end, I briefly summarize the rules in table format (Table 1). The astute reader can simply clip the summary from this journal, fold it in two, and place it in his or her coat pocket for ready reference before, during, and even after a recruitment effort. Finally, because this effort is a work in progress, I sincerely hope readers will share their experiences (via e-mail or snail mail) so that they might be added to the list. If the suggestion resonates with me, I will definitely add it to the list ... and, of course, turn it into my own. Did I mention I am from the South?

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