Riding brain “waves” to identify human memory genes

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While there is extensive research on memory-related oscillations and brain gene expression, the relationship between oscillations and gene expression has rarely been studied. Recently, progress has been made to identify specific genes associated with oscillations that are correlated with episodic memory. Neocortical regions, in particular the temporal pole, have been examined in this line of research due to their accessibility during neurosurgical procedures. By harnessing this accessibility, a unique and powerful study design has allowed gene expression and intracranial oscillatory data to be sourced from the same human patients. These studies have identified a plethora of understudied gene targets that should be further characterized with respect to human brain function. Future work should extend to other brain regions to increase our understanding of the genetic signatures of oscillations and, ultimately, human cognition.

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Article number102118
JournalCurrent Opinion in Cell Biology
StatePublished - Oct 2022

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