Plasmablastic lymphomas with MYC/IgH rearrangement: Report of three cases and review of the literature

Agata M. Bogusz, Adam C. Seegmiller, Rolando Garcia, Ping Shang, Raheela Ashfaq, Weina Chen

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We report detailed clinicopathologic features of 3 cases of plasmablastic lymphoma (PBL) with MYC/IgH rearrangement, representing one third of PBL cases diagnosed at our institution. This study brings the total number of reported cases in the literature to 6. All patients were HIV+ with very low CD4 counts at diagnosis. The involved locations were mediastinum, anus, and bone marrow. Tumors exhibited predominantly immunoblastic/plasmablastic morphologic features and had a plasma cell-like immunophenotype. Bright CD38 expression by flow cytometry had a tendency to be more common in these cases compared with PBL without MYC rearrangement. All cases were positive for Epstein-Barr virus-encoded RNA but lacked human herpesvirus-8 latent nuclear antigen. The 2 patients with follow-up died within 3 months. These findings show that PBL is often associated with MYC/IgH rearrangements and that this finding may portend an aggressive clinical course, suggesting that cytogenetic studies should be routinely applied in cases of PBL.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)597-605
Number of pages9
JournalAmerican journal of clinical pathology
Issue number4
StatePublished - Oct 2009


  • HIV/AIDS-related lymphomas
  • MYC rearrangement
  • Plasmablastic lymphoma
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