Penile Extra-Tunical Graft Reconstruction of Peyronie's Disease Concavity Deformities

Linley Diao, Maia E. VanDyke, Gregory A. Joice, Zachary B. Lewis, Benjamin M. Dropkin, Sarah C. Sanders, Steven J. Hudak, Allen Morey

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Objectives: To report our initial experience with the extra-tunical grafting (ETG) procedure. This procedure was recently introduced by UCSF investigators as a tunica-sparing technique for management of penile concavity deformities. Methods: We retrospectively reviewed records of patients who underwent ETG at our tertiary-care referral center between 2017 – 2020. A collagen graft made from bovine pericardium (Lyoplant) was placed overlying the defect without violating the tunica albuginea or mobilizing the neurovascular bundle. The stretched penile length (SPL) and circumference at the location of deformity were measured intra-operatively. Patient reported outcomes were evaluated by an anonymous 10-question online survey. Results: 19 men underwent ETG with a median follow-up of 59 (IQR: 24 – 708) days. ETG was performed via either a window (15/19, 78%) or a de-gloving (4/19, 21%) incision with concomitant penile plication performed in 16/19 (84%) patients. Penile circumference increased by an average of 1.4 cm + 0.5 (P = 0.03) at the location of deformity, while pre- and post-operative SPL were similar (14.0 + 1.4 vs 14.0 + 1.3 cm, P = 0.95). Overall patient satisfaction was reported by 13/15 (86%) patients. Twelve out of 15 (80%) patients reported concavity deformity to be “improved”, with 73% reporting “much better”. Among 8 patients with follow up greater than six months, graft palpability was reported in 4/8 (50%) patients but was not bothersome. Conclusion: The ETG procedure appears to be safe and effective for the treatment of penile concavity deformities. Patient outcomes and satisfaction are favorable at intermediate follow up.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)237-242
Number of pages6
StatePublished - Dec 2021

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