Motivation of trauma patients to stop smoking after admission to the emergency department

E. Weiss-Gerlach, M. Franck, B. Neuner, L. M. Gentilello, T. Neumann, H. Tønnesen, S. Kolbeck, H. Cammann, C. Perka, M. MacGuill, C. D. Spies

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Every smoker should be offered smoking cessation treatment when they present for clinical care. The Readiness to Change-Smokers (RTC-S) questionnaire and the Heidelberg Smoking History (HSH) are brief questionnaires that divide patients into three stages. The purpose of this study was to prospectively compare the performance of each questionnaire at identifying patients who will successfully quit smoking within one year of Emergency Department (ED) discharge. Out of 1292 injured ED patients nearly half (n = 599, 46.4%) were identified as current smokers. Both questionnaires were given to all 599 subjects, and used to divide patients into three stages. At 12-months postdischarge 306 patients (51.1%) were contacted to determine smoking status. Patients were similarly classified by both tests in only 36% of cases. Concordance between tests was poor (kappa = 0.33). The RTC-S classified fewer patients as ready to quit (A = 13% vs. 22.2%). At 12 month follow-up, 55 patients (17.9%) had stopped smoking. The HSH was more successful to predict quitters. Multivariate logistic regression with respect to smoking cessation resulted in significant impact of HSH (p = 0.024).

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)906-918
Number of pages13
JournalAddictive Behaviors
Issue number7
StatePublished - Jul 2008


  • Emergency room
  • Readiness to change
  • Smoking
  • Tests & testing
  • Transtheoretical model
  • Trauma

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