Meta-Analysis of Transradial Versus Transfemoral Access for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease

Azka Latif, Muhammad Junaid Ahsan, Mohsin M. Mirza, Sarah Aurit, Jolanta Siller-Matula, Mamas A. Mamas, Manish Parikh, Emmanouil S. Brilakis, J. Dawn Abbott, Deepak L. Bhatt, Poonam Velagapudi

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Data comparing outcomes of transradial (TR) versus transfemoral (TF) access for percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in chronic kidney disease (CKD) including patients with eGFR< 30 ml/min/1.73m2 and patients with end-stage renal disease on dialysis (ESRD) are lacking. This meta-analysis compares the outcomes of TR versus TF approach for PCI in patients with CKD. PubMed, Embase, Cochrane,, and Google Scholar were searched for studies including adults with CKD undergoing PCI via a TR versus TF approach from January 1, 2000, until January 15, 2021. The primary outcome was in-hospital all-cause mortality and secondary outcomes included major bleeding, stroke, myocardial infarction (MI), blood transfusion, contrast volume, and fluoroscopy time. The analysis was performed using a random-effects-model using the Mantel‐Haenszel method. Five observational studies met inclusion criteria, including 1,156 and 6,156 patients in the TR and TF arms, respectively. The mean age of included patients was 70.5 years, 66% were male and 90% had ESRD. In patients with CKD, TR access for PCI was associated with lower all-cause mortality (RR = 0.48; 95% CI: 0.32 to 0.73), major bleeding (RR = 0.51; 95% CI: 0.36 to 0.73), blood transfusion (RR = 0.53, 95% CI: 0.42 to 0.68) and contrast volume (SMD -0.34 [-0.60 to -0.08]) with no difference in stroke, MI, or fluoroscopy time compared with TF access. In conclusion, in patients with CKD undergoing PCI, the TR approach was associated with a lower risk of in-hospital mortality, post-procedural bleeding, and blood transfusion compared with TF access.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)8-14
Number of pages7
JournalAmerican Journal of Cardiology
StatePublished - Oct 15 2021
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