Measurement error in assessment of vertebral rotation using the perdriolle torsionmeter

B. S. Richards

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The Perdriolle torsionmeter assesses vertebral rotation on a spinal radiograph. It Is frequently used la measure improvemenl in sp'nal derotation following Cotrel-Dubousset instrumentation lor scoliosis. In this study, fntraobserver and interobserver measurement error was exa mi nod during use of the torsi on meter, Intraobserver error was as follows 53% of the measurements wore accurate tu within 5°, and 21% orred greater than 10", Error from the actual value averaged 6°. Interobserver error was as follows: Among six observers, only one third of the radiographs had measurements within 5° of each other. Another one third erred by more than 10“. Because of this significant Intraobserver and Interobsorwer error, precise measurements of rotation using the torsionmeter cannot be expectcd. Efforts to quantify spinal denotation with the torsionmeter after Cotrel-Duhoussot instrumentation may not ba valid.

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StatePublished - May 1992


  • Error
  • Measurement
  • Torsionmeter
  • Vertebral rotation

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