La simulation microchirurgicale haute-fidélité: le modèle et instrument d'évaluation Thiel

Translated title of the contribution: High Fidelity Microsurgical Simulation: The Thiel Model and Evaluation Instrument

Andrei Odobescu, Isak Goodwin, Djamal Berbiche, Joseph BouMerhi, Patrick G. Harris, Michel A. Danino

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Background: The Thiel embalmment method has recently been used in a number of medical simulation fields. The authors investigate the use of Thiel vessels as a high fidelity model for microvascular simulation and propose a new checklist-based evaluation instrument for microsurgical training. Methods: Thirteen residents and 2 attending microsurgeons performed video recorded microvascular anastomoses on Thiel embalmed arteries that were evaluated using a new evaluation instrument (Microvascular Evaluation Scale) by 4 fellowship trained microsurgeons. The internal validity was assessed using the Cronbach coefficient. The external validity was verified using regression models. Results: The reliability assessment revealed an excellent intra-class correlation of 0.89. When comparing scores obtained by participants from different levels of training, attending surgeons and senior residents (Post Graduate Year [PGY] 4-5) scored significantly better than junior residents (PGY 1-3). The difference between senior residents and attending surgeons was not significant. When considering microsurgical experience, the differences were significant between the advanced group and the minimal and moderate experience groups. The differences between minimal and moderate experience groups were not significant. Based on the data obtained, a score of 8 would translate into a level of microsurgical competence appropriate for clinical microsurgery. Conclusions: Thiel cadaveric vessels are a high fidelity model for microsurgical simulation. Excellent internal and external validity measures were obtained using the Microvascular Evaluation Scale (MVES).

Translated title of the contributionHigh Fidelity Microsurgical Simulation: The Thiel Model and Evaluation Instrument
Original languageFrench
Pages (from-to)118-124
Number of pages7
JournalPlastic Surgery
Issue number2
StatePublished - May 1 2019
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  • microsurgery
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