Genetic brain malformations recapitulate phylogeny.

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It is generally difficult to establish whether a congenital brain malformation has a genetic basis or is due to other factors. A thesis has been developed, that brain malformations with a genetic basis recapitulate phylogeny. In order to validate this thesis a retrospective CT investigation of brain dysmorphology was carried out in 50 cases of dysgenesis of the corpus callosum, 20 cases of the holoprosencephaly complex, 25 cases of Dandy-Walker malformation, and 50 cases of miscellaneous brain anomalies. This group was compared with 100 neonates with brain damage from acquired causes. The results strongly suggest that a brain malformation that recapitulates phylogeny is very likely to be based on genetic aberration.

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JournalActa radiologica. Supplementum
StatePublished - 1986

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