Fast treatment plan modification with an over-relaxed Cimmino algorithm

Chuan Wu, Robert Jeraj, Weiguo Lu, Thomas R. Mackie

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A method to quickly modify a treatment plan in adaptive radiotherapy was proposed and studied. The method is based on a Cimmino-type algorithm in linear programming. The fast convergence speed is achieved by over-relaxing the algorithm relaxation parameter from its sufficient convergence range of (0, 2) to (0, ∞). The algorithm parameters are selected so that the over-relaxed Cimmino (ORC) algorithm can effectively approximate an unconstrained re-optimization process in adaptive radiotherapy. To demonstrate the effectiveness and flexibility of the proposed method in adaptive radiotherapy, two scenarios with different organ motion/deformation of one nasopharyngeal case were presented with comparisons made between this method and the re-optimization method. In both scenarios, the ORC algorithm modified treatment plans have dose distributions that are similar to those given by the re-optimized treatment plans. It takes us using the ORC algorithm to finish a treatment plan modification at least three times faster than the re-optimization procedure compared.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)191-200
Number of pages10
JournalMedical physics
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 2004


  • Adaptive radiotherapy
  • Cimmino
  • Optimization
  • Treatment plan modification

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  • Biophysics
  • Radiology Nuclear Medicine and imaging


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