Epidemiology of adult tibial shaft fractures: A 7-year study in a major referral orthopedic center in Iran

Firooz Madadi, Manouchehr Vahid Farahmandi, Alireza Eajazi, Laleh Daftari Besheli, Firoozeh Madadi, Mehdi Nasri Lari

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Background: Epidemiologic differences among various fracture sites and within different populations are important as they imply different cultures and lifestyles in each region. One of these fractures is the tibial shaft fracture. Rather few epidemiological studies have been undertaken on this injury. This study was designed to provide an update on various aspects of tibial shaft fractures during 1999-2006 in a referral educational orthopedic center in Iran. Material/Methods: The charts of 854 adult patients were evaluated in a cross-sectional study. All the patients were examined and the results were registered. The collated information was classified along with descriptive statistical analysis. Results: The highest frequency of these fractures was seen in the 20-30 year age group in both genders, and women had a higher rate than men in people aged ≥50 years old. The most common cause of fractures was road traffic accidents; 54% of all injuries were closed fractures and 46% were open. The most frequent fracture pattern was comminuted and the fewest were segmented and with butterfly fractures. The most noticeable complication early after treatment was infection and those during at least one year follow-up were pain, nonunion, and delayed union. Conclusions: The peak frequency of tibial shaft fractures in Iran was one decade higher than in European populations and in those ≥50 years old the rate was higher in women, which was two decades lower than the mentioned populations. Furthermore, in this study in addition to high-energy trauma, low-energy trauma also had a great role.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)CR217-CR221
JournalMedical Science Monitor
Issue number5
StatePublished - 2010
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  • Orthopedics
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