Cyberknife stereotactic radiosurgery and radiation therapy treatment planning system

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CyberKnife is an image-guided stereotactical dose delivery system designed for both focal irradiation and radiation therapy (SRT). Focal irradiation refers the use of many small beams to deliver highly focus dose to a small target region in a few fractions. The system consists of a 6-MV linac mounted to a robotic arm, coupled with a digital x-ray imaging system. The radiation dose is delivered using many beams oriented at a number of defined or nodal positions around the patients. The CyberKnife can be used for both intracranial and extracranial treaments unlike the Gamma Knife which is limited to intracranial cases. Multiplan (Accuray Inc., Sunnyvale, CA) is the treatment planning system developed to cooperate with this accurate and versatile SRS and SRT system, and exploit the full function of Cyberknife in high-precision radiosurgery and therapy. Optimized inverse treatment plan can be achieved by fine-tuning contours and planning parameters. Precision is the newest version of Cyberknife treatment planning system (TPS) and an upgrade to Multiplan. It offers several new features such as Monte Carlo for multileaf collimator (MLC) and retreatment for other modalities that added more support for the Cyberknife system. The Cybeknife TPS is an easy-to-use and versatile inverse planning platform, suitable for stereotactic radiosurgery and radiation therapy. The knowledge and experience of the planner in this TPS is essential to improve the quality of patient care.

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  • Cyberknife
  • Inverse planning
  • Stereotactic radiation therapy
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery

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