Cross talk: interview with Al Gilman.

A. G. Gilman

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Alfred Goodman Gilman was born in the same year (1941) that his father and Louis Goodman published the first edition of The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics. Pharmacology has thus always been part of his life, and in his own career he has focused primarily on cell signaling. For the past twenty years, he has chaired the Department of Pharmacology at UT Southwestern, and his long list of accomplishments includes a Nobel Prize (1994) for his work on G proteins. In 1998, Gilman embarked on his most ambitious program of research yet, bringing dozens of leading investigators from the cell signaling community to Dallas in order to plan out a ten-year project aiming "to understand as completely as possible the relationships between sets of inputs and outputs in signaling cells." Now directing the full-fledged, federally funded Alliance for Cellular Signaling, Gilman stresses that a solid database for constructing a "virtual cell" will depend on extensive collaboration from the entire signaling community. (For a complete Program Summary, and to register for membership in the Alliance, consult The luminaries that were invited to the Dallas planning meeting, in fact, were greeted at the door with a note from Gilman exhorting them: please check EGO at door.

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