Contractilité du détrusor chez la femme: influence de l’âge et des conditions cliniques

Translated title of the contribution: Detrusor contractility in women: Influence of ageing and clinical conditions

F. A. Valentini, P. P. Nelson, P. E. Zimmern, G. Robain

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Aims We assume that the voiding process in women is governed by the detrusor contractility and a “urethral resistance”. The value of these 2 parameters, respectively named k and U in the VBN (Valentini-Besson-Nelson) mathematical model of micturition is deduced from the VBN analysis of pressure-flow recordings (PFs). Our objectives were to search for a correlation between these 2 parameters and clinically relevant variables such as chief complaint, urodynamic diagnosis (UD), and age by decades. Methods PFs from 125 non-neurogenic women (mean age 58.0 ± 17.2 years [range 20–90 years]) were retrospectively analyzed using the VBN model. VBN criteria for inclusion were maximum flow rate > 2 mL/s, voided volume > 100 mL, and non-interrupted flow. Evaluated parameters were k (without unit) and U (unit: cm H2O). Standard values were k = 1.0 and U = 0. Results VBN parameter ranges were k [0.14–1.55] and U [0.0–73.0 cm H2O]. There was a significant correlation between k and U for the whole population (P < 0.0001) with k = (.259 + 0.015*U) (R2 = 0.723) and each chief complaint. For UD, significant difference comparing k and U in phasic detrusor overactivity with intrinsic sphincter deficiency and urodynamic stress incontinence was noted. In sub-groups defined according to decades of age, the values of k and U remained similar in sub-groups for those who are less than 50 years old and decreased regularly with ageing. Conclusion The detrusor contractility can be easily evaluated in women; lower than in men, its range is less spread out but also adjusted to compensate a “urethral resistance”. Phasic detrusor overactivity and post-menopausal age significantly affect detrusor force value. Level of evidence 3.

Translated title of the contributionDetrusor contractility in women: Influence of ageing and clinical conditions
Original languageFrench
Pages (from-to)425-431
Number of pages7
JournalProgres en Urologie
Issue number7
StatePublished - Jan 1 2016


  • Detrusor contractility
  • Urodynamics
  • VBN modelling
  • Women

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