E. M. Stokely, R. W. Parkey, S. E. Lewis, F. J. Bonte

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The authors' nuclear medicine laborato has recently demonstrated the use of **9**9**mTc-stannous pyrophosphate for imaging acute myocardial infarction. This paper presents the results of several methods for processing the **9**9**mTc-PYP concentrations using a laboratory computer system. Images from patient studies were found to fall into one of three categories: a) no processing needed, b) spatial filtering needed to remove rib structures, or c) background subtraction and contrast enhancement needed to improve infarct definition. A one-dimensional, recursive, band-reject digital filter was applied to the digitized picture elements on a column-by-column basis to remove the rib structure from the image. Homomorphic filtering in the logarithmic domain was found to be most useful. Simple background subtraction and contrast enhancement were sometimes able to reveal localized concentrations of pyrophosphate indicative of infraction, while this concentration was not evident on the unprocessed scintigram.

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StatePublished - 1974
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