Circulating mannan-binding lectin, M-, L-, H-ficolin and collectin-liver-1 levels in patients with acute liver failure

US Acute Liver Failure Study Group

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Background & Aims: The complement system is activated in liver diseases including acute liver failure (ALF); however, the role of the lectin pathway of complement has scarcely been investigated in ALF. The pathway is initiated by soluble pattern recognition molecules: mannan-binding lectin (MBL), M-, L-, and H-ficolin and collectin-liver-1 (CL-L1), which are predominantly synthesized in the liver. We aimed to study lectin levels in ALF patients and associations with clinical outcome. Methods: Serum samples from 75 patients enrolled by the US ALF Study Group were collected on days 1 and 3. We included 75 healthy blood donors and 20 cirrhosis patients as controls. Analyses were performed using sandwich-type immunoassays (ELISA, TRIFMA). Results: At day 1, the MBL level in ALF patients was 40% lower compared with healthy controls {[median (interquartile range) 0.72 μg/ml(0.91) vs. 1.15 (1.92)(P = 0.02]}, and increased significantly by day 3 [0.83 μg/ml(0.94)(P = 0.01)]. The M-ficolin level was 60% lower [0.54 μg/ml(0.50) vs. 1.48(1.01)(P < 0.0001)]. The CL-L1 level at day 1 was slightly higher compared with healthy controls [3.20 μg/ml(2.37) vs. 2.64(0.72)(P = 0.11)]; this was significant at day 3 [3.35(1.84)(P = 0.006)]. H- and L-ficolin levels were similar to healthy controls. Spontaneous ALF survivors had higher levels of MBL at day 1 [0.96 μg/ml(1.15) vs. 0.60(0.60)(P = 0.02)] and lower levels of L-ficolin by day 3 compared with patients who died or were transplanted [1.61 μg/ml(1.19) vs. 2.17(2.19)(P = 0.02)]. Conclusion: We observed significant dynamics in lectin levels in ALF patients, which may suggest they play a role in ALF pathogenesis. High MBL and low L-ficolin levels are associated with survival.

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JournalLiver International
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StatePublished - Mar 1 2015


  • Acute liver failure
  • Collectin-liver-1
  • Complement system
  • Ficolins
  • Mannan-binding lectin
  • The lectin pathway

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