Stephen J. Leshin, Kern Wildenthal, Charles B. Mullins, Jere H. Mitchell, Lawrence D. Horwitz, Vernon S. Bishop, Warren G. Guntheroth, H. Lowell Stone, Harold Sandler, Joseph E. Hinds, Edward W. Hawthorne, Donald C. Sawyer, Joseph C. Greenfield

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Following is a continuation of the list of titles and authors: Technique for Measuring Left Ventricular Dimensions in Conscious Dogs Using Biplane Cinefluorography. By Stephen J. Leshin, Kern Wildenthal, Charles B. Mullins, and Jere H. Mitchell. Surgical Implantation of Ultrasonic Gauges for Measurement of Left Ventricular Internal Transverse Diameter. By Lawrence D. Horwitz and Vernon S. Bishop. Implantation of Dimension Transducers. By Warren G. Guntheroth. Implantation of Multiple Transducers in the Thorax. By H. Lowell Stone and Harold Sandler. Multiple Implants in the Chronically Instrumented Dog. By Joseph E. Hinds and Edward W. Hawthorne. Left Ventricular Internal Diameter, Pressure,and Flow Measurements in Conscious Dogs: An Evaluation. By Vernon S. Bishop and Lawrence D. Horwitz. Postanesthetic and Postoperative Care. By Donald C. Sawyer. Directly Coupled Techniques. By Joseph C. Greenfield, Jr.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalChronically Implanted Cardiovasc Instrum
StatePublished - 1973
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