Warren G. Guntheroth, Arnost Fronek, Michael F. Wilson, Santo F. Pullella, Carl F. Rothe, H. Fred Stegall, Merrill B. Kardon, Lawrence D. Horwitz, Vernon S. Bishop, Stephen J. Leshin, Kern Wildenthal, Charles B. Mullins, Jere H. Mitchell, W. Morton Caldwell

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Following is a continuation of the list of titles and authors: Pulsed Ultrasonic Technique for Measurement of Venous Flow. By Warren G. Guntheroth. Thermodilution in Chronic Experimentation. By Arnost Fronek. Determination of Renal Blood Flow by External Counting of Xenon**1**3**3 Disappearance Rate. By Michael F. Wilson and Santo F. Pullella. Dye Dilution Techniques for Calibration of Chronically Implanted Flowmeters. By Carl F. Rothe. Survey of Dimension Transducers. By H. Fred Stegall. Ultrasonic Pulse Transit Time Technique. By Merrill B. Kardon, Lawrence D. Horwitz, and Vernon S. Bishop. Left Ventricular Dimensions Determined by Biplane Cinefluorography of Chronically Implanted Radiopaque Markers: Critique of the Method. By Stephen J. Leshin, Kern Wildenthal, Charles B. Mullins, and Jere H. Mitchell. Measurement of Dimension by Inductance Coils. By W. Morton Caldwell and Michael F. Wilson.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Title of host publicationChronically Implanted Cardiovasc Instrum
Place of PublicationNew York
PublisherAcad Press, Inc
StatePublished - 1973

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