Academic promotion and tenure: a user's guide for junior faculty members.

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Securing a junior faculty position is an important early step in an academic career in hematology. Shortly thereafter one should begin to plan for eventual promotion and possible tenure. The process is not straightforward, as the "rules of the road" regarding academic positions, academic tracks, assessment and evaluation metrics, and timelines vary immensely from one institution to another. It is critically important, therefore, for the new junior faculty member to become knowledgeable about the institutional policies and "culture" regarding this process. This understanding includes the definition of and criteria for achieving tenure, the academic tracks and the policies for advancement on each track, and the process by which the institutional committee responsible for promotion and tenure conducts its activities. Learning the rules and successfully navigating the academic pathway will help ensure success by achieving the desired promotion and the self-satisfaction, prestige, and financial awards that may accompany it.

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