A clinical study of the pulse wave characteristics at the three pulse diagnosis positions of Chon, Gwan and Cheok

Jong Y. Kim, Young J. Jeon, Jaeuk U. Kim, Hae J. Lee, Jeon Lee, Hyun H. Ryu, Yu J. Lee

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In this work, we analyze the baseline, signal strength, aortic augmentation index (AIx), radial AIx, time to reflection and PT2 at Chon, Gwan, and Cheok, which are the three pulse diagnosis positions in Oriental medicine. For the pulse measurement, we used the SphygmoCor apparatus, which has been widely used for the evaluation of the arterial stiffness at the aorta. By two-way repeated measures analysis of variance, we tested two independent measurements for repeatability and investigated their mean differences among Chon, Gwan and Cheok. To characterize further the parameters that were shown to be different between each palpation position, we carried out Duncan's test for the multiple comparisons. The baseline and signal strength were statistically different (P< .05) among Chon, Gwan and Cheok, respectively, which supports the major hypothesis of Oriental medicine that all of the three palpation positions contain different clinical information. On the other hand, aortic AIx and time to reflection were found to be statistically different between Chon and the others, and radial AIx and PT2 did not show any difference between pulse positions. In the clinical sense, however, the aortic AIx at each palpation position was found to fall within the 90% confidence interval of normal arterial compliance. The results of the multiple comparisons indicate that the parameters of arterial stiffness were independent of the palpation positions. This work is the first attempt to characterize quantitatively the pulse signals at Chon, Gwan and Cheok with some relevant parameters extracted from the SphygmoCor apparatus.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number904056
JournalEvidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
StatePublished - 2011
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