Rapid Biochemical Kinetics Core

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    The Rapid Biochemical Kinetics Core Facility provides equipment that allows UT Southwestern Medical Center investigators to make pre-steady state measurements of biochemical reactions on the 1-1000 ms time scale. The facility supports two BioLogic rapid-mixing devices that can be used for either optical stopped flow or quench flow experiments. Available stopped flow spectroscopy modes include absorbance, multi-wavelength absorbance, fluorescence (including multi-wavelength and polarization) and CD. Dead times approach 1 ms, minimum data acquisition time is about 1 ms, and minimal reagent volumes approach 20 microliters per shot. One mixer has thee syringes and another has four, all independently controlled by stepper motors. Mixers and spectroscopy components are computer controlled to allow for complex multi-stage mixing protocols.

    The core also houses and maintains a PTI LaserStrobe fluorometer that is capable of determining fluorescence lifetimes in the nanosecond - microsecond time range -- for both small organic fluorophores and rare earth chelates. Access and billing are coordinated by the Live Cell Imaging Core Lab

    The Core Facility provides no technical support. Each investigator is responsible for experimental design and execution. Control and data-acquisition software is provided along with software for data analysis. Investigators interested in using these facilities should first contact the director to discuss feasibility and to arrange training. Use is generally restricted to faculty members, post-doctoral researchers and advanced graduate students.


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